“The Psychology of Borders” Trumps “Stronger Together”

By Alice L Maher - Last updated: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If Vamik Volkan had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Hillary Clinton might have run a more effective campaign and Donald Trump might not have been elected.

The left tends to embrace the idea that we’re all one people and differences don’t or shouldn’t matter. We’re expected to blind ourselves to racial, sexual, cultural and physical differences; triggering language is not permitted on college campuses. This was expressed in Hillary’s campaign slogan, “Stronger Together.”

Trump challenged that idea in direct, cartoon-like attacks that were equal-opportunity-offensive. Women are sex objects, Muslims are terrorists, Black people are more likely to be criminals, immigrants should stop taking our jobs and go home.

These are vastly different models of how societies do, or should, function. Both are partially right and partially wrong… Continue reading

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