Changing Our Consciousness, Inc.

Imagining the Emotional Experience of the Other

Changing Our Consciousness, Inc.

Imagining the Emotional Experience of the Other

Changing Our Consciousness is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and help fund our unique, critically important projects. Please help us put our ideas into action!

Dialogue with Dignity

We are looking for participants for our second live event. Apply below!

We are looking for 6 participants for a series of 2 live Zoom conversations (not more than 2 hours each) about how people form political opinions in the internet age.

We’re not interested in hashing out divisive issues. We’re interested in why people fall where they fall on these issues, and getting specific examples of information asymmetry on the internet.

The first session will be more personal and introductory. You will be asked to place yourself on the political spectrum and reflect on what forces in your life influenced that placing.

The second session will focus on internet media in general and especially social media. You will be asked about your experiences on social networks, what pieces of information you see, and why you think you might see what you see. We’ll be looking for concrete examples of asymmetric information. For example, why are some people absolutely convinced of election fraud and not others? You’ll be asked questions to help account for your sources of information and trace the origins of your habits in that regard. Third, if time allows, we can do some thought experiments about how social networks might be constructed better.

We appreciate your support, financially and/or through involvement with our projects.  Please share this page with others who might be interested and able to help. 

Thank you for your support!

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